How We Got Started

    During the restoration of my 1968 Chevelle I ended up with quite a few left overs and duplicates that I didn't need. At the time I found it hard to move this stuff to a better home using forums specific to my car. So I tested my hand at eBay, thinking at the very least I won't have to throw away this stuff that I had a hard time finding. To my surprise it was not hard at all, and hey I found these people were very happy to have what I didn't need, and they were also happy to tell me what else they needed. Living in Phoenix, AZ at the time I was able to locate almost anything for 60's and 70's muscle cars. Since my project was finished I found that I really enjoyed the hunt for parts for other's projects.

    Then came Sacramento, California and a shift in the marketplace, that has brought me to where I am today. I still love hunting down the parts for customers projects, but now I am focused on classic trucks of the 50's and 60's. I do still buy quite a bit of passenger car products but my focus now is on purchasing and dismantling classic trucks. Since I live in such a fertile part of the country there are a seemingly endless supply of forgotten old farm trucks waiting to donate their dry California sheet-metal to your current project.